Santa Claus: what salary would he receive if he really existed?


The big day is fast approaching and Santa will soon be able to rest for a few days. But for the time being, its factories are running at full speed to complete the last orders and be able to deliver all the gifts under the Christmas trees around the world on time.

Even though this character is fictional, his legend is embedded in the thoughts of many people around the world. Managing his factory and his teams of elves, taking good care of his reindeer, meeting children in shopping malls and ensuring the delivery of gifts all over the world… The life of the old man with the white beard doesn’t have to be easy every day. But if he existed, what salary could he claim with such a workload?

Every year, the American online insurance comparator Insure carries out a very serious study to calculate the salary of the old man in the red coat. To get this figure, the website details all of Santa’s professional activities, from reading letters to delivering gifts.

Then it compares that to real jobs and uses US employee wages, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the US Department of Labor). With all these complicated calculations, the site came to the conclusion that Santa Claus won a total of 159,622 dollars in 2021, or around 150,000 euros. This represents a salary increase of 6%. We can therefore hope that the elves have received a bonus for their good work.