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British Airways, airline of the ‘holding’ IAG, has decided to reduce 1.255 layoffs of pilots than originally planned because of the impact of the crisis of the coronavirus 270 , after coming to an agreement with the union Balpa after months of negotiations. As has been communicated by International Airlines Group (IAG) on Thursday to the National Commission of the Market of Values (CNMV), has received “with satisfaction” the announcement made last night by the pilots ‘ union British Airways Balpa that has the intention of holding an advisory vote in relation to the agreement on the restructuring proposals in response to the crisis of the Covid-19 that affects the aviation industry.

The union informed through a press release that, after nearly three months of negotiations on the proposals of British Airways to dismiss 1.255 drivers and change the terms and conditions for “fire and rehire”, has opened a consultation between 4,300 pilots of BA on a package that “protects jobs”.

Among the measures include the reduction of the redundancies 270, a reserve equivalent to 300 pilots with salary reduced ready to fly again when demand increases, wage cuts which will leave a 20% reduction in salary and that will go down to 8% in the following two years, and then continue to reduce until it reaches zero in the long term.

in Addition, among the agreements is excluded is the possibility of “fire and rehire” and contemplates the option of working part-time , dismissal, compensation and leaves of absence voluntary.

the layoffs, the union hopes that this number decreases even more as they continue to take mitigation measures voluntary.

“As a result, there will be some layoffs required between the community of riders and that is something that we regret very much. Given the intransigence of BA, we have gathered together the best package we can to save as many jobs as possible,” lamented Brian Strutton, general secretary of Balpa.

Balpa has recommended to its members that approve the proposals and the voting will close on the 31 July 2020. IAG will provide an update at that time, as explained by the company.