Antwerp < / P> Antwerp, may, again, be prepared for the happy arrival of santa Claus. On Saturday the 16th of november, the St and its full effect on a steamboat from Spain’s hit on the first Island of the Verbindingsdok-Westkaai. Presenter Bart Peeters will take them as a good friend of the Saint, to welcome, along with the mayor, Bart De Wever. The goedheilige man will be a little later for the kids to present it to the nearest MAS.

as for The actual feast day of the Saint is, however, on the 6th of december, and from mid-november crossed the friend of our country, to get all the presents out to the children. He will bring this year to a brand new season of the television series “Day of Christmas” with you. The first images of its Friday, have already been released. Each episode begins with a letter from a child who has a question about the Saint, who, by the way, a renovation project it underwent in order to be in top form for the series. On the basis of everyday life and, at the same time, funny situations from the life of saint Nicholas, Black Pete, and their entourage, will be the answer to the question is obvious.

Who’s the Saint and immediately want to greet you on arrival in Antwerp, he may at around 14.05 hours to see the arrival of the Verbindingsdok-Westkaai. He’ll have to foot it through the Napoleonkaai the Nassaubrug and Oostendekaai at the Hanzestedenplaats in the MAS, and pull in there, around 14.50 pm in the kids and their parents will be present. This will show whether or not there is this year, you naughty children.

the result, and One to send to the whole show live from 13: 30 hrs and on-the-spot to ensure among others, Will & Loeba, and The KetnetBand to the atmosphere. Also, Kaatje and her friends from around the world, and Ketnetwrappers Look and a little talking, all in a row.

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