The unlikely trick to recover an eggshell in a bowl


You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, wrote Honoré de Balzac. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a piece of shell gets involved in our preparation, adding an unappetizing crunch to our little dishes.

Faced with adversity, all techniques are welcome: try to catch the intruder with your fingers, with a fork, with a spoon… Unfortunately, these attempts are often in vain.

Fortunately, there is a simple trick to remedy this without getting your hand stuck in the egg mixture. According to the site comment-é, all you have to do is wet your fingertips and then grab the piece of shell with your wet fingers. It should be easier, and especially faster to resume cooking.

If your piece of shell fell directly into your skillet while you were making fried eggs, take half of a shell and try to scoop up the small bits scattered around the pan with it. It will be easier than with a fork.

Above all, don’t throw away your eggshells: they are extremely useful in the garden and at home! You can, for example, put them in the compost or protect your vegetable garden and fruit trees from pests. They can also make your dishes shine, especially your stained pans, and whiten or even stain your laundry thanks to their natural properties… Practical, isn’t it?