Be careful not to park your car in direct sunlight. With the heat peaks expected this week, the interior could very quickly resemble a furnace. The Weather Channel warns road users: the internal temperature can rise to 70°C in 20 minutes if left in the sun, when it is 40°C outside. However, from 38°C, heatstroke becomes frequent. Children are all the more sensitive to rising mercury. Their body temperature can rise three to five times faster than that of an adult.

So how do you cool the cabin? First, prevent, by moving your vehicle in the shade. It is also possible to invest in a sun visor or install tinted windows to reduce exposure of the cabin to the rays.

It would suffice, according to the media L’argus, to lower the window on the passenger side and open the door on the driver’s side five times in a row. Then repeat the operation on the other side. This would exert a pressure which would allow the hot air present to be evacuated and replaced by cooler air.

Your car keys has a little-known option, according to the L’astucerie site: by pressing the unlock button for several seconds, all the windows will open. This function exists on almost all models of four-wheeled vehicles. If the temperature is too high, using this mechanism will help circulate the air and release the heat. All you have to do is go inside once the cabin has cooled down.