Brussels –

in Brussels, the aldermen, that no official car be wish a return to a mobiliteitsbudget of up to 800 euros. That tells you Bruzz. “The amount of which is identical to what is in the lease who have a company car costs,” says the qualified vessels By Hellings (Ecolo). “Let’s see, how does the system actually is.”

there are a total of seven in Brussels and the alderman who is not a official car be like. There are three Ecological alderman, Benoit Hellings, Zoubida Jellab, Arnaux Whitsuntide, Green ship, Bart Dhondt, Delphine Houba (PS), Years People Change.Brussels), and He He (Challenge).

Because they are not ” official car be like, they will be given a mobiliteitsbudget. Of that amount, the sheriffs spend on alternative modes of transport. For example deelfietsen, -scooters, cars, and taxis. The aldermen will also be a bike to buy.

Authorized vessels, By Leaning is emphasized, however, that this amount is the maximum amount, even if the cost is identical to that of a leasewagen. “This is so, let’s see how costly it is to lease a car, actually.” Who’s budget is not exhausted, the surplus is paid out after the deduction of about 40 per cent of social expenditure. “It is clear that the Ecological, saw that the surplus will not be retained,” says the Tilt is still to the Bruzz.