According to the latest statement from Theresa May to the Brexit, the EU-Commission wants to take on Tuesday officially to the proposals of the British Prime Minister position. In a first reaction, the EU responded to follow-up negotiations, did not reject the thrust of May. Since last week nothing had changed, said a spokesman of EU-great-grandson, Donald Tusk. “We are always willing to meet with us and talk.” However, the remaining 27 EU would have told States in December that the May for a negotiated exit agreement could not be renegotiated. The SPD MEP Udo Bullmann, described the situation in London as “boarded up”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) called on the British government to rapid and in London, the consensus around the proposals. “The government expects that the British government reaches agreement soon on proposals supported by a majority of the lower house,” said a German government spokesman on Monday evening. “The Federal government for an orderly withdrawal of Britain from the EU.”

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, called on the house to finally have a clear stance. A shift of the Brexit-date “makes only sense, if it is clear, what again is spoken”. The Ball spent “in the field of the British”, said the CDU Chairman. “The British Parliament has to declare what it wants. It not only explains what it wants.“

Plan B relates to the Northern Ireland border

the United Kingdom is actually 29 am. In March the EU is to leave. May had made on Monday in the British Parliament it clear that she wanted to open up the difficult Ireland-the question of the Brexit talks. It all revolves around the guarantee of an open border between the EU-state of Ireland and British Northern Ireland, the so-called Backstop. The clause was one of the reasons that the British refused to house the termination agreement last week with a large majority, and that, although the EU and the UK are in agreement that a fixed border between Ireland and Northern Ireland could ignite new violence in the former civil war region.

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May had rejected also claims that a Brexit without an agreement to exclude. Also, a second Referendum for Britain to exit the EU granted a re-cancellation.

New Referendum?

the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn could, however, soon openly for the first time behind the demand for a second Referendum. He announced yesterday that his Labour party will introduce a number of amendments to the Parliament. It is the members options to vote, to offer and to keep all options open, including a referendum, he wrote in an email sent Statement.

In Parliament, Labour could win a few Tory dissenters for a vote. The followers, however, are in the Brexit question is also divided.

bull man sees a new referendum in the UK as the only way out. “I think the Situation is nailed in all directions”, – said the head of the Faction of socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, the German press Agency in Brussels. “In order to regain stability, you have to ask the people.” May have provided a Plan B, but only repeated, lote a consensus in the house of Commons, and wool, then talk again with the European Union, complained about the bull man.