The solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa), formerly called minimum old age, guarantees a minimum income for retirees who have made little or no contributions during their career. The allowance is paid by your pension fund in addition to your pension, subject to conditions. The liberal professions are also affected by Aspa.

It is the National old-age insurance fund for the liberal professions (CNAVPL) which manages the basic pensions for the liberal professions. This fund is divided into 10 professional sections. This means that there is a basic diet and 10 complementary diets, depending on whether you are a doctor, a surveyor or even a veterinarian. Particularity of this plan, the retirement is by points. The calculation of the amount of the pension is obtained by multiplying the number of points by the value of it.

As for the general scheme, the legal retirement age is between 60 and 62 years old depending on the year of birth, but between 65 and 67 years old for retirement at the full rate. Similarly, to receive Aspa, it will be necessary to receive income of less than 11,001.44 euros per year, or 916.78 euros per month, for a single person in 2022.

Income must be less than 17,079.77 euros, or 1,423.31 euros per month, for a couple (married, civil partnership or common-law partner). You must also be resident in France for more than six months, the year of the request for the allowance. This is not automatic. You have to turn to your pension fund.

Beyond this allowance, a minimum pension scheme is provided for notaries dependent on the notaries’ pension fund (CRN), L’Express explained to us in 2017. “If you have contributed for at least ten years, your pension complementary so-called “section C” cannot be calculated on a basis of less than a certain number of points per year contributed “indicated the information site.

It should be noted that the basic pension for the liberal professions is low, points out the site The contribution rates are lower than those of the general scheme. However, by adding basic and supplementary pension, the average pension of a former liberal professional is 4,643.16 euros. Which is four times higher than the ceiling to touch the Aspa. Suffice to say that few former liberal professionals are affected by the allowance.