Bad surprise for retirees? Perhaps, but it is clear that the announcement was expected: retirement pensions will not ultimately be revalued in August, as the executive had initially been able to mention. The anticipated increase in the remuneration of French women and men who have liquidated their rights is not, however, relegated to the Greek calendar, indicates the online bank Boursorama on its information site. She’s just watered down.

As a reminder, the President of the Republic undertook during the campaign to increase the amount of retirement pensions provided that voters did not renew their confidence in his action. This promise was then thought of as a response to the high inflation observed in France and eating away at everyone’s purchasing power. Originally, the Head of State had spoken of an increase in pensions planned for the summer but, due to the absence of an absolute majority in the National Assembly, the site has been delayed.

The revaluation of retirement pensions, which must increase by 4% after the entry into force of the system, was discussed within the framework of the Purchasing Power bill, which Planet has already had the opportunity to talk about. The latter, which includes many measures designed to support French people in the midst of an inflationary period, was finally adopted on August 4, 2022 after weeks of parliamentary debate, indicates France Info.

Unfortunately, the legislative calendar will not make it possible to respect the date of August 9 (which corresponds to a revaluation of pensions paid for the month of July), because the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) does not have the time necessary to calculate the actual increase and implement it for the 14.9 million retirees concerned.

Unfortunately for retirees from the public and private sectors, underlines La Dépêche on its online platform, the executive has not yet formally communicated a date for the postponement of the revaluation. That being said, it seems more than plausible that the date of September 9 will be chosen for the implementation of the progression.

Does this mean that retirees have lost a month of inflated pensions to inflation? Not really, no. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the total revaluation of pensions (5.1% in 2022) remains lower than the increase in consumer prices (6.1% between July 2021 and July 2022). That being said, the device is retroactive. This means that the old assets will be entitled to payment of the months due no matter what.

As a reminder, only retirement pensions from the general scheme are affected by the anticipated revaluation desired by the government. Supplementary retirement pensions, which do not depend on the State, are not concerned. It is therefore up to each supplementary pension fund to decide on the procedure to follow concerning their insured persons. The Provident and Retirement Fund of Notaries (CPRN) has thus decided to put in place an exceptional increase in pensions from July, without having specified the exact amount of the improvement. See you in November for Agirc-Arrco.

At the end of July 2022, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, assured that basic pensions would indeed be revalued again on January 1, 2023. The amount of this revaluation is not yet known and the government does not seem ready. say more today.

“Yes, we fully protect our pensioners against inflation, said the minister on Twitter on July 27. Retirement pensions are increased by 5.1% in 2022: 1.1% in January and 4% since July. If inflation continues to rise, there will be another pension adjustment in January 2023.”