Lars Stindl is very euphoric this week, at the end of which he will be 100. Bundesliga game for Borussia Mönchengladbach complete. The anniversary comes in a beautiful Moment, at the last round of the national players has established with his club, taking second place in the Bundesliga, the anticipation of the match in Hoffenheim (15.30/ live in F. League-live scores and Sky) is-large. “At the moment it’s up and running, not only the table constellation, also the way we play and the performance that we show at the Moment, is very, very good,” he says. The game in the coming week, a visit to the 1. FC Nürnberg on the lower Rhine, before this football year with the big Showdown on Friday night at Borussia Dortmund. Perhaps the First plays against the Second, to be in such an exposed top match Gladbach in the Bundesliga have not participated for a very, very long time. And Stindl.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

Actually is because the club just before Christmas as well as for many years, and the tremendous stability, the constancy and persistence have a lot to do with Stindl and his return from a summer of not having to Worry. After the ordinary start of the season without the injured captain Stindl returned for the away trip to Munich in the seventh round in the team, Borussia won 3:0 at FC Bayern, and since then it has belonged continuously to the three best Teams in the table.

a Mature professional

“The anchor” is called Hecking its leader, after his five-month forced break, with one exception, always in the starting line-up. And in fact, Stindl sees itself as Responsible for the grounding process in this Phase of happiness. In the past two years, as the Borussia was at the end of each table in ninth place, was the Team after a good Play “is always very euphoric” and to negative experiences as “very depressed,” he recalls. These strong emotional swings, you now have a better handle, also because of an experienced, Mature and very clear professional as Stindl think is among the word leaders.

The 30-year-old footballer has not learned, not least during the bitter summer of 2018, to meet the General hysteria around the football with a clear Serenity. He knows exactly how quickly things can turn. In the spring of Stindl set actually, as the world Cup participants, the tournament in Russia was probably his only Chance to experience this greatest competition on the planet. “Anyone who knows me, knows that This was already a difficult Situation,” said Stindl in an Interview with the “Rheinische Post”. “But, unfortunately, it is happening. It hurt in the Phase, to miss such a unique opportunity, I’m aware of that.“

In a running duel with the former Schalke Thilo Kehrer, he was bent over and had contracted a heavy capsule and ligament injury, but also of the syndesmosis band was damaged. Almost four months later, Stindl was able to play, it is a setback that seems, somehow, to career, to fit the Offensive all-rounder, which came a bit slower in speed than many colleagues. 2009 a native of the Palatinate of the U-21 national player, he was a member of the Vintage that followed the legendary U-21 European champion with Mesut Özil, Sami Khedira, Mats Hummels, Jerome Boateng and Manuel Neuer. Others ahead of him at the time, “a Tick,” he says, looking back to this constellation, but who knows: Would also have won Stindl in the glow of the Golden Generation of the early first title, would have taken his career, possibly a different course.

Without starting time

the when Karlsruher SC-trained players remained five years with Hannover 96 before he joined 2015 to Mönchengladbach. In the meantime, you can in retrospect say that Stindl has played his entire career on the line just below the world champion and Champions-League winner of the big clubs. The victory at the confederations Cup in 2017, as the him the decisive goal in the final, managed to fit into this image. The hungrier he is now.