This was the Moment that London should speak, not the EU, has stated a spokesman for the Brussels Commission on Monday once again. You can only agree. As long as the British have no negotiation and, above all, acceptance by the majority Position, it is pointless to develop on the mainland of new ideas for the design of the Brexits.

that’s Why it had little sense that the Polish foreign Minister on Monday publicly thinking about a compromise on the Irish border, even before the British Prime Minister in London had expressed. Presumably, one is in Warsaw, worried about the fate of many poles living in the UK. But that’s why you do not need to set the core in question, which was painstakingly negotiated between the British government and the EU.

the pressure of time might be helpful

In the excitement of the past few days has often been forgotten that the present exit agreement describes the final state in the relationship between the United Kingdom and the other Europeans Also the famous “backstop”, which is now back in the centre of the debate, it is only when both sides in future negotiations is no other solution for your (trade-)relations. And since many models are conceivable.