Will we have to do without a good glass of orange juice in the morning? If this is your morning habit, expect difficulty finding it on the shelves of your supermarket. French households consume an average of 24 liters of orange concentrate per year. Indeed, the risk of global shortage is only growing, due to climate change. Florida, the world’s second largest producer of oranges, was hit hard by Hurricane Ian in September 2022 and has still not recovered. Spain and Mexico, which are other major suppliers of the juice, are also experiencing difficulties. Production fell by 30% due to droughts, as explained by France Info. Brazil, the main exporter for several years, is unable to keep pace and honor all orders.

Unfortunately, the lack of production will soon be observed. The price of orange juice concentrate has already exploded for some time. “Last year, we paid about 1,400 euros for it, delivered to Europe in the ports of the North. We will go to 3,400 euros.” as noted by Jean-Paul Lorch, president of Unijus. This increase will be reflected on the shelves: bottles are expected to cost 15 cents per liter more.

“Orders from concentrate suppliers are now subject to quotas for all companies wishing to buy them, a situation never encountered by the oldest buyers!”, worries Unijus, while analyzing: “This shortage is nearing date mainly orange juice concentrates, but could also concern pure juices in the coming weeks by domino effect.

This situation, which “should last until September-October 2023, will be accompanied by higher prices on these products, the current prices with suppliers being 50% higher than those offered last summer”, as added by the Union. National Interprofessional Fruit Juices (Unijus).