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“Bosch Service Solutions” with the ourensano Alejandro Perez Channel to the cane, the herculino Chuny Bermúdez de Castro as a “guest star” and Ramón Ojea in a bathtub… with a crew of young promises of the sailing of the galician School of the Club Marítimo de Canido vigo, is a step to achieve the complete victory in the Regatta Sea of Maeloc Rías Altas, with the fourth stage which is held on the Sunday from 12: 00 hours, ends in La Coruña.

The vice dean of the sailing regattas heavy Galicia, and one of the most ancient of all the Spanish coast, is having a level and an intensity that is very high, with patterns of the highest quality as Gonzalo Araújo is as a tactician of one of the boats, considered a priori as favorites… the “Alma do Mar” of Nito Enriquez, who is picking an excellent regatta, and fight for a place on the podium, along with other ships also of high quality, case of the “Bodegas Benito Santos” who skippered by Jorge Etcheverría of the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña… that turned to be splendid in the third act.

it is Also necessary to highlight the winner of the 2019… in the “Cheek” that is becoming very strong in square podium and that of the hand of Fran Edreira still has its possibilities, while the boat Club Maríitmo of Penela, the Hanse 40 “Eleko-Mambo” that patronea the vigo Carlos Sampedro Curbera, resists not to get on the podium.

that was the third stage began in full ría de Sada again on time. At the stroke of twelve o’clock, the fleet began its long voyage in search of the legendary promontories of Prioriño and Prior, heading to the beautiful ria of Cedeira, “la patria do percebe”, accompanied by winds at times of 12 to 15 knots from the north… but also with stops for the encalmada, or by the light winds… and for more “inri” with what they hate the navigators: the mist.

Despite all of the crews managed their boats to walk up to the point that “Bosch” was crossing a little after seven in the evening the finish line in Cedeira with a time of 06-58-55, what it meant to grow up to 4 knots of average. After the boat Canido, came the “Lambaix” that was formidable skippered by Antonio Rivers at close to eight minutes, being the third “Bodegas Benito Santos”… but the best would be to come up with the super race of “Mascato” with Enrique Vilariño to the reed that reached the final, with a more than commendable second place in compensated time.

In different categories and at the level of this third step, the ORC 0-1 the order in offset was “Bodegas Benito Santos”, “Lambaix” and “Eleko-Mambo”; at the ORC 2-3 “Bosch Service Solutions”, “Cheek” and “Alma do Mar”… while in the ORC4 victory was for “Mascato”, followed by the “3D Printing TO tlántico” William White and the ferrolano “Golfiño”

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