Less than a year before the Olympics. After nearly a decade of stalling, France, and especially its capital, have won the hosting of the Olympic Games in the summer of 2024. On the program, around 400 events in more than 40 disciplines, between Paralympic and Olympic. The event will last from July 26 to August 11, and will be preceded from May to July by the passing of the Olympic flame through various large and medium-sized towns in France. A Dantesque organization, a budget that is no less so (nearly 9 billion and costs regularly revised upwards): France must nevertheless master its Olympics, if only to restore the image of its damaged capital by months of demonstrations and the vivid memory of the fiasco of the Champions League final in 2022. Alas! The closer the deadline approaches, the more it seems that the Cojo (Games organizing committee) is getting restless, looking for the time it lacks for many preparations.

Trifles? Unfortunately no. The “Event tests” organized in Paris in August 2024 are tangible proof that the organization still needs to be worked on to allow athletes to prepare and compete in good circumstances, and for the public to access the venues. events but also for the inhabitants of the cities selected to host the events to live their lives without being too heckled, otherwise the wind of protest against the Games could whistle in the ears of the organizers. Traffic, public transport, risk of demonstrations, price of hotel nights: so many parameters to anticipate for this event which will welcome athletes and spectators from all over the world. Here are the disruptions anticipated at this stage.