The event for the unveiling of the new site of the Metro Metro festival, scheduled for Tuesday, has been canceled to ensure the safety of the team and the artists, while attacks have been perpetrated in recent weeks against buildings linked to the contractor Olivier Primeau.

Tuesday morning was to be a time of celebration, with the unveiling of the redesigned Olympic Park event venue for the Metro Metro and Fuego Fuego festivals. The meeting was scheduled at the foot of the Olympic tower in the morning. Local artists performing at the festivals were scheduled to attend the press conference, in addition to entrepreneur Olivier Primeau and members of the team from Groupe Midway, the company founded by the entrepreneur, which organizes the two festivals. .

All, as well as members of the media, have been informed that there will ultimately be no unveiling. Announcements for new festivals will still be made on Tuesday, but by press release. The recent events, attacks that seem to target the entrepreneur Olivier Primeau, force the organization to reduce public events to a minimum while waiting for the police investigation to see more clearly.

Three criminal acts were perpetrated against buildings linked to Olivier Primeau in less than a week. The condo he rents in Laval was the target of gunfire. Four days later, last week, the Slice Gang pizzeria, co-founded by Primeau, was vandalized, with its windows smashed in several places. The next day, the same restaurant in Sainte-Thérèse was targeted by arson. A man, caught in the act by the police and arrested on the spot, had tried to throw a Molotov cocktail in the establishment.

If he claimed after the attack on his condo that he was not the person targeted, the entrepreneur finally wrote on his networks that he “could not exclude the possibility [that he was] the target of ‘attacks’. He also confirmed that “nobody knows the reason for these attacks”, in this message published the day after the first act of vandalism against his pizzeria. “For safety reasons, for my family and myself, I choose to take a step back and will therefore be less present publicly in the coming weeks. »

Olivier Primeau does not wish to speak to the media. The holding of the Metro Metro festival, from May 19 to 21, is not in question at this time. Security improvements will be announced on Tuesday.