“Africa-Cup instead of League” – a Racist Mainz Fan leaves club – the Club for happy a fans of FC Mainz to many dark-skinned players in the team play, which is why he quit the membership. The team responds with a clear Statement.0 comment Moussa Niakhaté and customer Malong knees after the victory in Frankfurt on the edge of the field and set a sign against racism.Image: Screenshot of the Instagram FC Mainz

The FSV Mainz 05 the notice has been made a member, to play the a lot of black professionals in the team, open to the public. “Racism starts there, where racist thoughts to be expressed, only if someone is self-described as a racist – which happens in the rarest of cases,” said the Rheinhessen’s soccer team in a message. You normally struggle passionately to each member, but in this case, you could not Express “our Regret in your case is approach way”.

The named member had complained, according to the Letter: “I no longer can identify myself with this club (professional football) for months! Meanwhile, I get the impression that I’m at the Africa Cup, instead of in the German Bundesliga.”

I’m predisposed not to be racist – don’t talk to me. Only, what is too much is too much.

The escaping club member

He was inclined “not” racist, “don’t talk to me. Only, what is too much is too much. (…) But if it has been weeks in the starting lineup nine (!!!) dark-skinned player, and the German talent is barely given a Chance, then it is no longer my over the years, cherished club.”

The Mainzer pointed out that when you paint, or other group, skin, would play related to the characteristics of people simply don’t matter: “For us, what matters is only that someone is a person and our values. Such people we welcome in our community welcome.”

the joy of the dismissal to the FC Mainz

“this is why we are happy rather than their termination, as their justification, not revealed that you have the value base that distinguishes our club,” he added.

The Club also refers to the Statute of the Association: The FSV will offer children, young people, adults and people with disabilities regardless of gender, parentage, skin color, origin, Belief, social position or sexual identity of a sporting home.

the Mainz set up a photo, like the pros Moussa Niakhaté and customer Malong, after the victory in Frankfurt on the pitch at the knees and, therefore, a sign against racism. With the action the Club has won at least a new trailer:


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