We will have to spend the winter. And, given the current situation, this could prove to be much more complex than some are able to imagine today, informs Capital on its site. In question ? The energy crisis that is looming in France and in a whole part of Europe, due to the war waged by Russia on Ukrainian soil and the sanctions decided in response by all or part of the Western countries. Unsurprisingly, such a context could lead to major power cuts, especially in electricity… but not only.

And for good reason ! A disruption in the electricity supply is not without consequences. It also leads, in cascade, to a loss of the Internet network. Something to annoy potential moviegoers who take advantage of streaming services to watch their favorite series or film or those famous “gamers” who find themselves online to play multiplayer video games. More importantly, warns the general secretary of Bouygues Télécom and the president of FFTélécoms, it is also the risk of losing lives.

“Without electricity, mobile relays no longer work, but 95% of emergency communications pass through these networks. To reduce transport costs, employees who can can be asked to telecommute. But what will happen? it if the Internet is cut, for lack of power?”, worries Liza Bellulo in the columns of Figaro.

According to the telecom operators, who say they are ready to step up their efforts and have even tried to accelerate the deployment of fibre, considered to be “less energy-intensive than copper”, the danger is real.