now, Let’s reimbursement of a medicinal product depends on whether or not the treatment is a hit or not. This is one of the most significant proposals from the Pharmaceutical This reaches up to the dome on top of the pharmaceutical industry in our country is in the hands of a minister of The Block, that is, “the practice around the. Pay for Performance has already been started”.

now, How can we remain innovative and at the same time, to ensure the sustainability of our health budget is maintained? That is the million dollar question, after a social outcry, which, for the past week about the high price of the drug (s), the Pia would be able to save it. A social sense of outrage that we have to understand,” says the spokesman, Stefaan Fiers, “but at the same time, is perfectly illustrated in our pricing and reimbursement system is no longer adapted to the new farmarealiteit, for example, when it comes to one-off treatments. This means that over the next few years, some achievements will not be available to the patient.”

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this is the reason Why the turret, with the three outstanding proposals, will engage in a dialogue on what are the drugs coming our way, so that the authorities more time to prepare for the assessment decrease in a medicine more quickly, and, last but not least, “the treatment of financing in terms of the clinical outcome for each patient”.

In plain language: when an innovative drug works for the patient, then there will be a redemption; if, on the other hand is not the intended result, then the pharmaceutical company for the cost. “Obviously, this is good and clear agreements are made about, for example, how do you get the performance of a drug or a treatment in a single day. That is, for example, can be in a few months to live any longer than the original prognosis, but also in terms of improved quality of life. Not to be self-evident, and that is true, but it is possible”, says Pharmaceutical

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“We have exercise in a Pay-for-Performance has already started within the administration”, says the government Maggie De Block (Open VLD). “The prime minister has this idea actually a few weeks ago and it has been suggested in your newspaper,” said a spokesman Tijs Ruysschaert. “It is good that the sector is for them to stop and think. He was carrying an important social responsibility to provide access to the latest in medication to help any of our patients.”