Cooking is an art. Particularly when it comes to frozen food, which should therefore be treated well before preparation. Naturally, as the magazine Femme Actuelle reminds us on its site, this is the case with meat. Very often, it is stored in the freezer… Which obviously does not simplify the life of budding cooks. So that it does not lose flavor or nutritional properties, it is important to thaw it one day before serving it, at least by placing it in the refrigerator, our colleagues report.

Fortunately, some meats are spared. Ground steaks can be cooked almost immediately after taking them out of the freezer. For the other parts, you’ll have to play tricks and cunning to get there! The simplest solution, moreover used by the restaurateurs contacted by the women’s magazine, is not rocket science. Explanations.

Essential for feeding large tables and meeting the needs of a majority of restaurants in France, meat must be thawed quickly and to order. Therefore, it is more appropriate to slip it, while it is still in its vacuum packaging, into a container of cold water. The qualities of water being superior to those of air, at least in terms of temperature conduction, the magic will quickly take effect.

The time spent in the water, unsurprisingly, depends on the exact weight of the piece you want to cook.