A real scourge of homes, humidity can be a health hazard. Considered “normal” when it is present between 45 and 65%, the latter causes mold to appear, irritates the mucous membranes in addition to making the body vulnerable to bacteria and viruses when its rate is too high… It also increases the risks of migraines, respiratory allergies and asthma, explains the Maison media

To see it, nothing could be simpler, just observe. If the wallpaper is peeling off, there are traces of mold on the walls and the joints or even condensation inside the windows, it means that the rate is too high.

In addition, it is also found in closets, where it causes unpleasant odors, damages clothes and deteriorates this storage space.

To prevent inconvenience in this piece of furniture, here is what you can do, according to Le Monde:

A simple rule to avoid any humidity is to first ventilate the closet as much as possible. Open it regularly, as well as the windows in the room so that the humidity drops.

Then, it is absolutely necessary to avoid storing clothes or linens that are still damp, even slightly, inside.

Finally, inside itself, it is better to leave space between the different elements, to promote good ventilation.

Still not enough? To clean up storage, there are a few tips. Planet has made in the slideshow below 8 ways to get rid of the humidity that may be present there, according to Le Monde, Maison