The Fans of the eve of the crime series “Hubert and Staller”, at peak times, not infrequently, 2.46 million fee payer, you must now be quite strong. On the ARD-advertising homepage to be found under the Heading of “Hubert and Staller’ the audience always popular” now bothered to Ask (“What new faces we will get to know..?”) and poignant confessions (“Hubert and Staller got me in a hard time, once a week, forget everything! Exactly my sense of Humor! A high is also the script writer! Simply super!!“). But it’s all for nothing: After seven seasons, which ran in the First since 2011, with the title of “Heiter bis tödlich Hubert and Staller”, and from 2016, as a “Hubert and Staller” in so far 116 follow and two episodes, feature-length film, now in January, the eighth season, and is truly “Hubert without the Staller”. Because Staller (helmet peace of the City) rises on his own request from the police service in Wolfratshausen.

As you stand in the Second, some time ago, with the departure of John Nettles as “Inspector Barnaby” has a similar problem, had taken care of the producing British channel ITV for the – more or less – elegant solution. Barnabys Cousin came to the police station in Causton succession. Neil Dudgeon is also Inspector Barnaby is called in and brings the distraction of a little dog named Sykes in the County of Midsomer. Meanwhile, the new Mrs Barnaby has a Baby.

The trusted Staller-farewell to the First showing of a Christmas special feature-length film. In “A beautiful Mess” wins Staller a trip to the pre-Christmas Shopping to Rome, meets in the train in a police uniform on the love of his life, the sugar-Baker Sibille (Paula Paul), operator of a Roman Pasticceria, seduced him with no further ADO, and with cookies. He appears only at the very end, in a fine Italian cloth on clothed, and opened Hubert “Hubsi” (Christian Tramitz), that the number of people commuting twice a 1800 kilometers per day is unreasonable and your partnership is terminated.

Stammtisch is speculated

“Hubsi” is this Time so on with the investigation in the case of the front of your TV, mummified, found in the Elderly woman, the, must be because of the Chocolate Santa Claus to the Ortsbank from the year before is around and also the dominoes covers a grey veil, dead for a year. The cops have to actually arrest them, because the Dead is four hundred Euro levy in the residue. To put an eighty-five year old just before Christmas eve due to lack of license fees in the jail before came to the area yet, somehow, inhuman. One has collected for you. What would you have to be able to save, because it turns out that she has briefly lifted before their natural death in the case of Bank Director Hübner, Franz (Herbert Knaup) four hundred thousand euros, which are now gone. Before the medical examiner Fuchs (Susu Padotzke) is with the investigations done, resting before the assistant Commissioner Girwidz (Michael Brandner) – later on need to give an Undercover idea as a handwriting expert in the tavern, when a dog gets drunk, terrible at the gentian or fruit brandy, before he falls into a coma, eyes of a Santa Claus on the sled in the abyss.

May be the culprit. At the Stammtisch speculate in addition to the Hübner, Franz, the postman burner Sepp (Simon Schwarz) and the highly indebted butcher Schartl, Micha (Waldemar Kobus), of the order of St. Nicholas ‘ wife, Catherine (Franziska Schlattner) freit, which, in turn, a Baby from Nicholas, about the re-emergence of the season of folklore in accordance with panelled upper Meier Schorsch (Holger Kriechel), a whole year was gone.

on The subject of Emergence has to contribute “Hubsi” a little after the sixteen-year-old Anna (Sinje Irslinger) besieged his door, like the biblical prodigal son – as daughter – and claims he is her father. In the grocery store all comments on the Hansen Barbara (Monika Gruber). From the hospital, Nicholas Obermeier disappears again, and appears as a frozen block of ice again. Hubsis colleague, Lena Winter (Klara Deutschmann, which was adopted without rotating the book of ceremonial from the series) suggests bravely, while simultaneously Shadowing multiple people, only the oide Depp at the station, Martin Riedl (Paul Sedlmeir), you must re-do all the Christmas shopping of the heads, because of the missed his mother-in-law at the train station and after a sequence of intra-family season entanglements of eight in degraded function will start.