While Netflix for massive Manga replenishment in the program and Jaden Smith about his favorite Anime character Goku raps (“I’m ballin’, I feel like I’m Goku”), brings Adidas a whole Dragon-Ball-Z-collection on the market. The occasion was the thirty year anniversary of the cult series. Hey, no reason to be nostalgic! With the sneakers you can the Nineties back in your life get, or at least on your feet.

Aylin Güler

editor for Social Media.

F. A. Z.

The collection is designed on three Battles and an epic Finale. The focus is on the main characters and reflects the three iconic battles from the Anime series. From September to December of 2018, a double-pack of Hero and villain appears every month. The bold Design is typical of Japanese Manga series. In my last column, I introduced you to the Yung 1 Frieza out of the fight Frieza against Goku. In the second part of the collaboration, the Shoe models Deerupt and Prohere represent the next battle from history: Gohan against Cell.

I wear the Deerupt, a tribute to Gohan. The tonal Purple to remind us of his battle suit, the reflective light graphics on the network structure indicates the capabilities of the fighter. The Design also shows the Golden flashes, who will play on gohan’s Transformation to Super-Shell.

An unexpected direction

Okay, now it is to be nerdy. So: good implementation! Particularly, the packaging blew me away. If you stack up all seven Shoe boxes, the collection is coordinated, resulting in a cover that is reminiscent of the classic Comic-Prints of Dragon Ball Z and the characters in battle. Unbelievably good. For this reason alone, I would like to have the complete collection. So far I only had luck when Frieza and Gohan. But in December, the next Chance, when Vegeta (Ultra-Tech) and Majin Buu (Kamanda) get in the Ring. The cooperation reached its peak with the appearance of shenron (EQT Mid ADV).