A court in South Africa has issued a warrant against the wife of former Zimbabwean ruler Robert Mugabe. Reason for a whipping attack from Grace Mugabe on a Model in South Africa a year ago, according to police reports Wednesday. The former First Lady will be accused, to have their assault “severe physical suffering” is triggered, said a police spokesman. A court in the province of Gauteng have given the request for a warrant.

Grace Mugabe is said to have struck in August 2017, the photo model Gabriella angel in a Johannesburg Hotel with an extension cord bloody. Angel wore injuries on the forehead and on the back of her head. South Africa’s government of the former President’s wife to be confessed, however, diplomatic immunity, and let them leave the country.

Zimbabwe’s longtime ruler Robert Mugabe is now no longer in office. He had been deposed in November 2017 by the military, after he had positioned his wife Grace as the successor. South Africa’s police turned on now, according to the speaker, the international police body, Interpol, to Grace, to enforce Mugabe’s arrest.