Consumer prices have been rising steadily in recent months. Indeed, Franceinfo, which has created its own basket of 37 everyday products, notes inflation of 17.7% between March 2022 and March 2023. The basket goes from 90.80 euros to 106.25 euros in March. In addition, all French people no longer pay the same price for their races. Indeed, in some departments, this basket costs less.

To cope with inflation, the government has suggested that the giants of large retailers take part in the “anti-inflation quarter” proposed by Burno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy. This initiative was presented after the failure of the anti-inflation basket which should be offered by supermarkets. Due to lack of agreement between manufacturers and distributors, the latter did not see the light of day. Nevertheless, most brands have offered a selection of products whose prices are frozen or reduced. The big loser remains the organic product. Discover in our slideshow below the brands that offer an anti-inflation basket with organic products.

Faced with this inflation, the French have changed their consumption habits. The Society and Consumption Observatory, OBSOCO, noted a drop in the purchase of organic products in 2022 compared to 2021. “The proportion of people who have not consumed organic food products over a year has almost doubled since 202 1, to reach 17% in 2022”, specifies the study.

This fall in the consumption of organic products can be explained in particular by the increase in the prices of these foodstuffs. Suspicion of the presence of pesticides in these foods is the second reason why the French do not buy these products. In addition, several organic store brands have since launched their own anti-inflation basket, as reported by Le Parisien.

Consult our slideshow below to discover the list of brands with organic products in their anti-inflation basket.