Anne-Laure Bonnet topless: the canon photos of the journalist on the web


For many years, sports journalist Anne-Laure Bonnet worked for several successful sports programs including F1 à la Une on TF1, Everyone plays with football on France 2 and Le Vrai Mag on Téléfoot. A passion for the sports world that came to her as a teenager, as she had mentioned in the columns of VSD.

“I had a passion for Formula 1 since my adolescence, I was in love with Ayrton Senna, the big drama of my life. Suddenly, I tried karting but I was useless, so I said to myself too bad for sport, I’m going to have to find something else”, she declared and added: “Politics, economics, everything that I more or less studied, it could have also been, but it’s cold and I don’t have that vocation. Basically, I didn’t see a place to feel as many emotions as in sport”.

Even today, few women practice in the sporting world. The journalist is almost an exception with Estelle Denis, Marie Portolano or Nathalie Iannetta. “Honestly, when I see what my colleagues who follow politics, or women politicians, are going through, I tell myself that I am with little angels on the side (…) In our profession, they are 25 years old and still they are the older ones, they ride mechanics but as soon as they are in front of a woman they look down. They are often very respectful. The environment is poorly considered in relation to what it really is”, she explained.

This August 17, the journalist revealed herself topless on her Twitter account. The opportunity to reveal all his hot photos on the web.