Who was accountable to the New England Patriots’ achievement? Can it be Tom Brady or even Bill Belichick?

This was the underlying question heading to the 2020 year after Brady moved on by the Patriots in the offseason to combine with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 2-year Thing. Brady won six Super Bowl championships in New England but once he left the argument raged with many claiming that it was Belichick’s system which created Brady what he had been.

Following an 11-5 record and an NFC Championship, the argument seemed to be settled to get a few. It was Brady all together.

The 2020 season did not start off good for Brady. But what seemed to change after the first week of this year.

Tampa Bay would win seven of the next eight matches although the Patriots would win just three of the next eight. The Buccaneers remained in contention for the NFC South division title, just losing it with a match after becoming trapped from the Saints. The Patriots would lose three of the last four to finish the year.

Brady along with the Buccaneers will have their hands filled with all the Kansas City Chiefs, however so far as the disagreement over who left who is victory, it seems Brady may have the top hand.