Andie MacDowell, a star who deserves it. This Sunday, October 2, the American actress and muse of the beauty brand L’Oréal participated in the prestigious parade which took place at the Military School in Paris. A flagship event of Fashion Week, which ended today, during which the French firm unveiled its spring-summer 2023 ready-to-wear collection.

For the fifth consecutive year of this parade organized by L’Oréal, the famous actress Andie MacDowell was one of the stars who made the show on the catwalk. During this show celebrating beauty in all forms of inclusivity, the 64-year-old star appeared in a high-slit sparkly dress with a feather train. The least we can say is that she walked the catwalk with presence during this evening.

Playing with her salt and pepper hair with her hands, Andie MacDowell caused a sensation in her beautiful dress by revealing her figure. In an ephemeral story of 24 hours on Instagram, Andie MacDowell shared her joy during her visit to the L’Oréal fashion show. “They told me to have fun so I did,” she commented on the social network, quoting one of her friends. “Chase Lehner, you said go all out.” Successful mission for the star who dazzled the fans on his way.

The star face of the L’Oréal brand, the famous actress from the film Four Weddings for a Funeral has always lived up to her age. “Getting old should not be a source of shame but rather of pride. There is also a rather dignified dimension to assuming one’s date of birth. It is high time that the negative connotations linked to age cease”, a- she mentioned in the magazine Marie Claire in 2019.

With her strong and feminist speech, Andie MacDowell also encourages acceptance of her physique. Like her gray hair that she proudly tackles after giving up coloring. “I had been thinking for a while that it was time for me to make this transition”, she confessed to Vogue magazine in July 2021, quoted by our colleagues from HuffPost. “I felt that was what went best with my personality, with who I am,” says the mother, inspired in particular by Jane Fonda in her hair transformation. Back to his star parade in the slideshow.