For several years, the famous singer and juror of the show La France has an incredible talent, Hélène Ségara, suffered from an eye disease, as she explained to our colleagues from Nous Deux in 2016. “Honestly, I will very well. Now I am fighting for others. For several months, I have been raising funds for the Institute of Vision, the largest research center in Europe. We do not realize but every day nearly 1,200 people fall into darkness every day,” she explained at the time.

A rare autoimmune disease that almost caused him to lose an eye. “Six months ago, overnight, I woke up with only my left eye to see… My ophthalmologist didn’t understand when I called him, because I still have had ten in each eye”, she explained in 2013 at Gala and added: “It is a rare disease (…) which does not kill, very fortunately. We have not yet completely solved the problem , but I have already regained part of my vision in the right eye. The left eye has been preserved. The treatment, despite its side effects, is proving to be effective. And I want to reassure people… “.

As a result of her cortisone treatment, the singer’s body began to gradually change. “The teacher had warned me that with the high doses that were prescribed to me, I was going to change physically (…) Quickly I no longer recognized my face. I discovered myself bloated, as if filled with water . I was terribly complexed“, she confided.

In an interview with Soir Mag in March 2023, Hélène Ségara agreed to confide once again in her illness. “When you spend a lot of time in the hospital, it is better to open the chapter yourself by controlling it rather than letting people take hold of information that they do not control”, she had declared and to add: “There are dozens of articles on my pathology while I have been in Germany, in Boston, all over the world and no one has found out to this day what I really have (. ..) I find that it is necessary to defuse the excesses. This is moreover what I like about Florent Pagny”

A disease for which the star has decided to mobilize and raise awareness. “It’s essential, and I also started this year to raise funds for the flam’Oeil association (…) In the long run, people wondered how I was doing. So, at some point , I decided to put my cards on the table, but on one condition: ‘OK, I talk about my health but then you mention and support my association!

In order not to lose her sight, singer Hélène Ségara has had to undergo no less than 17 operations since the discovery of her rare disease. “I still undergo interventions every three months”, she had confided to Gala in 2013 and to affirm three years later to our colleagues: “I was placed in the eye an implant which saved me from “irreparable loss of sight. It reduces this edema, the cause of which no one can determine. But its duration of effectiveness is limited in time”. More recently in 2020, the singer revealed that she underwent further surgery. “I took advantage of the confinement to do a major eye operation,” she explained in the columns of Nous Deux.

An operation that did not go unnoticed in the eyes of M6 viewers. Indeed, during his stint on the show La France has an incredible talent, the long lock that covered his eye fueled gossip on social networks. “To respond to all the villains who did not like my lock, I was just hiding a recent eye surgery to be there despite everything with a smile,” she confessed.

The successful singer can count on the support of her husband, Mathieu Lecat, whom she married in 2003 in Ajaccio. Hélène Ségara, who is the mother of three children, one of whom was born from a previous union, is full of praise when it comes to confiding in her darling.

“With Mathieu, the most beautiful proof of love is to still be there, fifteen years after our meeting, and to have faced the trials together”, she confided to Nous Deux and to add: ” He accompanied me during all the stages of my illness, without telling me once that I had changed, grown. He continued to find me the most beautiful. Love sublimates everything!