On this Thursday, December 15, the Senate, with a majority on the right, rejected the text of the finance bill for 2023. This was promptly followed by the commitment of the responsibility of the government before the National Assembly by the Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, as reported by our colleagues from the World. So we witnessed the 10th 49.3 of President Macron’s second term…

The opposition rose up and NUPES, as on previous occasions, immediately filed a notice of censure against the Borne government. Motion of censure which will be debated in the coming days. The Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal welcomed the fact that the deputies had “established a real dialogue” around this text, while justifying the use of the constitutional tool so decried by the fact that “we cannot imagine the sixth world power to face 2023 with empty pockets without a budget”.

Most of the groups sitting in the Senate lament this recourse to 49.3. And for good reason: according to them, the vast majority of the amendments were swept aside by the executive. Given the tabling of the motion of no confidence, the bill is said to be “deemed adopted” for the time being. It will therefore not be if the Assembly votes in favor of the motion. So far, these opposition initiatives have only failed.

The determining factor will be the strategy of the deputies of the Les Républicains party, who have never previously sided with the Nupes and the National Rally in the context of government censorship. The version of the text adopted by 49.3 will therefore be most likely the one that will come into effect.

Find below the main measures contained in this text, according to the government website.