Halle, belgium / Dilbeek / Louvain –

The strike by the bus drivers, who will one day in the vlaamse Rand (Flemish periphery of spontaneously erupted, will take place on Thursday extended the judicial district of Leuven, where the consequences are most keenly felt in the flemish city. Reports that Bobby Debruyne, spokesperson of De Lijn.

“In the Flemish region, the situation is similar to that of the previous two days. There are approximately 80 per cent of the buses don’t run. In the Leuven region is mostly abandoned in the flemish city, where half of the buses do not leave. The streeklijnen in the region, the impact of the strike will be restricted to 20 per cent,” said Debruyne, who, on behalf of the Line, The strike action is strongly deplored.

The trade unions, to protest the action against a wide range of issues, such as lack of staff, mistakes in the planning of the drivers and the records in payments, and the decline of the verlofaanvrage, and in the failing organisation of the maintenance department. “There are a lot of steps have been taken and investments have been made to the working conditions of the drivers as much as possible. Not all of their efforts in the short term,” said Debruyne.

the Board of directors and the trade unions, reached on Wednesday, after hours of negotiations, no agreement was made. According to the unions, were doing the board any significant compromise in order to meet the requirements. In the pamphlet, that Wednesday night the staff was divided, it was pulled out of the joint vakbondsfront very hard “to get to the arrogance of the management, which knows no bounds”. As far as we know, there is not another meeting scheduled.