The Belgian designer Edouard Vermeulen of fashion house Natan, in his long career and the unique opportunity to have three generations of the royal family to dress up. However, he was also in princess Elizabeth’s advice, so that they are able to shine at the ceremony for the year’s eighteenth birthday. Wim Dehandschutter, royaltywatcher of The Newspaper, the light Followed the kledingskeuze of the king’s daughter, and he was talking about the emotional ceremony: “I was really moved by the beautiful words of the king and of the king’s daughter.”

Edouard Vermeulen says that they are, for this is the color that they chose it because the white will be visible. But the king’s daughter was, above all, good. “It’s a color that suits her. She told me that it was exactly what they wanted,” says the designer. He looks back to the outfit, mummy, queen Mathilde of belgium during the inauguration of king Philippe. As a result, she wore, after all, is also off-white for a “fair-look-and-feel.

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