Days comment from Israel, Even Netanyahu is not sakrosanktDer Israeli head of government defends itself with hands and feet against the corruption process. By means of a large campaign that he wants the credibility of his accusers undermine. Opinion of Alexandra Föderl-Schmid Tel Aviv0 comment Netanyahu has complained for months that he was subjected to a “witch-hunt”: The views of protesters of the people through a Transparent, depicting the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. (Icon image)photo: Oded Balilty (AP Photo/Keystone)

the Israelis are proud of their democracy. But, of all things, the head of the government, the Parliament, the President and several Ministers will damage the rule of law.

Because Benjamin Netanyahu has failed with his various experiments in government, in Parliament and on the legal ways to prevent the corruption trial against him started, he and supporters of his Likud party in an unprecedented campaign.

your goal is, the credibility of the judiciary and their representatives to undermine. Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit is attacked for months by politicians of the government party. He is, as well as the chief Prosecutor in the proceedings against Netanyahu, under police protection. Immediately prior to the start of the process Mandelblit is faced now with a new smear campaign. A ten-year dispute to a question of Personnel in the army leadership back deck is presented to them again, although the Supreme court has found the allegations years ago null and void.

Netanyahu (center) is wearing on the first day of the process, he referred to himself as a “joke”, mask: 24. In may 2020. Photo: Ronen Zvulun (Keystone)

The Netanyahu’s defenders ignore: For the new Minister for co-operation between the government and the Parliament, David amsalem should, is the attorney General “without a doubt, a suspected Criminal”. Also President Jariv Levin has now joined the protests and describes the process as “the low point of the justice system”.

Netanyahu himself has complained for months that he was subjected to a “witch-hunt”. The process he referred to as a “joke”. But all of his attacks have him availed nothing. Netanyahu stands as the first acting Prime Minister before a court and faces serious allegations of bribery, breach of trust and fraud faced. That after many a delay, the process has begun, and Netanyahu has had to appear in person, shows try finally: a Prime Minister is not sacrosanct in Israel, everyone is equal before the law.

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