Armed with a reporter – Trump cancels press conference after the “bad question” abTrotz 80’000 Corona-the dead of the US President praises continue to be crisis management. As a journalist Trumps strategy to ask the critical question, rip his patience.aru225 Kommentare225″ask China”: US President Trump will not answer the critical question of a journalist.Video: Tamedia

U.S. President Donald Trump abandoned his press conference on Monday after a dispute with an Asian-American journalist, abruptly.

Weijia Jiang, a reporter in the White house for CBS News, asked Trump why he looks at the number of daily performed Coronavirus Tests as a global competition, when more than 80’000 Americans died from the effects of the Virus. “Around the world, people are dying,” replied the U.S. President. “Don’t ask me. You ask this question of China.”

Jiang was born in China, immigrated with her family in the United States when she was two years old. To your question, why Trump just tell her that she should ask China, said the US President: “I give this answer to anyone who asks a bad question like this.”

Visibly annoyed, refused, the US President then, to answer a question of another journalist, adopted abruptly and left the speaker stand.

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