The trick to keeping your bananas longer


The banana is one of the favorite fruits of the French. Its unique taste and affordable price allow this fruit to find its place in the vast majority of homes. Indeed, according to a study by the Market News Network, in 2020, France was the 8th country to import the most bananas in the world.

In the same year, the French devoured 10.8 kg of bananas per inhabitant. This figure has been increasing every year for some time, which means that the taste for this fruit is always growing.

Bananas therefore have a place in almost every kitchen. However, it is common for them to ripen a little too quickly and turn black. This can affect their taste as well as their quality.

To avoid this blackening, it is beneficial to keep the bananas together around their bunches. Detaching them one by one is therefore not advisable, as they will deteriorate more quickly this way, explains Femme Actuelle.

Similarly, lovers of this fruit should invest in a fruit basket with a hook. It is indeed better to keep bananas hanging rather than storing them with other fruits. This will prevent the appearance of black spots.

If your bananas are ripe enough for you, you can also place them in the refrigerator. This delays the ripening process and therefore allows them to be kept for an additional two weeks. Remember to take your bananas out of the fridge a few hours before eating them so that they are not too cold.