300 spectators stopped by police for preventing illegal football game in GenfAm Sunday, the officials followed a note that a mass of wool look at a game. They were able to disperse the crowd.A locked field in Geneva.Photo: Martial Trezzini/Keystone

The police prevented on Sunday in Vessy in the Canton of Geneva, a so-called wild football game. Around 300 people wanted to see this after the Covid-19-Ordinance of the Federal Council is currently forbidden event.

police spokesman Alexandre Brahier, confirmed to the news Agency Keystone-SDA, a message of “20minutes”.

Accordingly, the police followed a note of the local sports centre. The released patrols were then pushed on one hundred people. The police managed to disperse the crowd. About 30 people had been identified, said Brahier.

the tennis courts in the vicinity step, the police. They patrolled strengthens and enforces the ban on public Assembly.

incident in the Canton of Vaud

Already on Thursday evening the police had observed in Lausanne, a non-official football game, which around 1000 young people were attracted to the face, but had not intervened. In the days before more such games had taken place in the Canton of Vaud.

The police had no one arrested, but an investigation was initiated to identify the person responsible for the event. “Given the number of members present to Intervene for the police could be counter-productive and even dangerous, said a spokesman for the city police of Lausanne and the Western Swiss Radio RTS.

The police have also kept a distance to prevent possible riots. The speaker guessed that such games would be organized online via social networks.