In March 2022, the sublime Alexandra Rosenfeld, elected Miss France 2006, stepped up to the plate against certain remarks against the candidates of the Miss France election. The star was indignant at comedian Fabrice Eboué who said in an interview with Booska-P: “I talk about it quite virulently because there is hypocrisy. Now we need a Miss France more feminist. That’s enough! It must be said, we watch Miss France to see asses, and if we want intelligent women, we watch Questions for a champion. I say the reality. At one point, we are there to elect Miss France! It would be the same for Mister France, we vote for a plastic at the start,” he said.

Angry, she then told our colleagues from Closer: “He must have a bad image of women in general. When we see the candidates express themselves, so young and with so much confidence, I think they are far to be stupid. And then Miss France is a beauty contest, of course, but it is not the only criterion. There is also the personality of the candidates (…) Personally, on the evening of my election, I don’t I was not the most beautiful. I think my first runner-up was much more so, “she said.

If there is a man who thinks that the Miss France “are far from being stupid”, it is undoubtedly his companion, the journalist Hugo Clément. Since 2018, the cakes have been living a beautiful love story, punctuated by the arrival of their daughter Jim, in January 2020. It is with the latter that the star is currently spending his summer vacation. Check out all of her hot photos in our slideshow.