On October 10, 2019, the French actress Marie-José Nat died at the age of 79 following cancer. Moved by his disappearance, Brigitte Bardot had then written a press release to him on Twitter. “Marie-José Nat, who was my little sister in the film” The truth “, has just died, leaving me once again a little more lonely”, she had written and to deplore “that the media passed her death” in silence “because she deserves a tribute to the height of her talent and the pretty image she gave of the 60s and 70s”.

It must be said that the pretty brunette marked an entire generation. She has acted in many films including La Menace, L’éducation sentimentale, Jean-Marc ou la Vie conjugale or even Journal d’une femme en blanc. She will obtain the main role of the series The People of Mogador in 1972. Over the years, Marie-José Nat has become rarer on film sets, her last film dating from 2003 in The Gift of Elena.

A desire on her part not to play the roles of “grannies”, as she had declared in the columns of Point in 2013. “There is no role for the women of my generation. to play the grannies, no thank you. I love my job, but I want to defend beautiful characters, I do not want to be present at all costs, it is not of much interest“, she explained and d add that she was not saddened by this situation: “I understand that young directors want to tell their story, in their time. I do not feel any bitterness, because I do not like the dialogues, often poor in today’s movies.

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