a year Ago, Dolores O’Riordan died, the front-woman and songwriter of the Irish rock band The Cranberries. On the day of her death has reported to your Band with a new Song. Since yesterday the Single “All over now” on the official Youtube channel of the group to retrieve. The Album “In the End”, includes ten other Songs, to be released in April.

“All over now” sings O’Riordan with the usual striking, lamenting in a voice: “Do you remember, Do you recall, Do you remember, I remember it all”. The Song is about a night in a London Hotel, an argument, and the search for the truth. The songs of the new album are born out of sample recordings of O’Riordans vocals, which were subsequently edited.After the Band had recorded eleven Songs before the death of the singer, wanted to set the record finished, the band members Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan and Fergal Lawler. O’riordan would have wanted that also. “It was a very emotional process for us. To know that we are going to play these Songs never live, has made it even more difficult,“ it said of the three musicians. It was the best way to pay tribute to their front-woman.

O’Riordan was on 15. January 2018 found dead in a hotel room in London. Apparently, they drowned under considerable influence of alcohol in the bathtub. The competent court physician came according to the British newspaper “the Guardian” to the conclusion that no intention existed, and it was an accident. The singer was 46 years old.

Dolores O’riordan sang in Church choirs and pubs, before they met in the Irish prison Limerick city with her Band. The Cranberries sold in the nineties in the world million records. The song “Zombie” from the year 1994, mainly due to O’Riordans song (“In your head, in your head / zombie, zombie”) to a catchy tune.