Tribute to Ezio Bosso – He made Coldplay KonkurrenzMit its Soft piano music, he stormed the charts. Now Ezio Bosso 48, died at the age of.Susanne Kübler8 Kommentare82016 Ezio Bosso performed at the Festival delle Canzoni Sanremo.Photo: Keystone

The a-melted away in his music, the others turned up their nose. The Pianist, composer and conductor, Ezio Bosso polarized and stormed the charts: 2015 landed his Album “The 12th Room” number three on the iTunes Charts, between Adele and Coldplay. A rare Position for one who comes from classical music.

But for stylistic drawers in Bosso never. The Turin belonged, like Ludovico Einaudi, Giovanni Allevi, Yann Tiersen – one of those pianists who reach a kind of emotionally charged minimalism to the masses. He played at the Festival of Sanremo and in the major concert halls, mostly its own pieces, bearing titles such as “Following a Bird” or “Forgotten Smiles”. Simply Bossos’s music is unmistakably Glass, inspired by Philip, often sentimental, sometimes uncontrollably cheesy. But personally it slip away never to Easy Listening.

Also approved the staging of The hair that fell over his face, the T-Shirts, the caps – they shaped the image of the pianist. And then there was his tragic story: For years, Bosso suffered from a neurodegenerative disease, again and again he had to pause. In the last few months he’s playing the piano, conducted he has had to give up continue to: own orchestral works, but also Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7.

recently, he said in an Interview with the “Corriere della Sera”, how much he was looking forward to the end of the Lockdown: “First of all, I’m going to sit in the sun.” Now he died in Bologna, 48 years old.

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