The political arbitrariness. So anyway, it is from the point of view of Nikolai n. a. The Berlin labour court dismissed on Wednesday the lawsuit against his dismissal on the grounds that N. was not to be permanently suitable for school service.

Leonie Feuerbach

an editor for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin.

F. A. Z.

The 38-year-old former teacher of English, music and sports in a primary school in the Wedding’s called on Youtube “The people’s teachers” and is widely used there rights conspiracy theories. The day before, he had declared in a Video, the process will show whether the political arbitrariness in Berlin have stock, or whether, actually talked about. In addition, he called on his supporters to come to court.

Just under 20 people follow the call and sit on Wednesday morning in room 334 of the labour court in Moabit. For them it is more than a termination lawsuit: A man says that justice is political, the judgment is fixed already. It was in the case of Horst Mahler different. Another one says, as soon as you would look at the German story of “a neutral and scientifically, they would all quickly look old”. A woman complaining about the “lying press”, not the “victims” of migration policy reports.

n. expresses himself more cautious than his followers. He is tall and slim, wears a Beard, and appeared in court in a jacket. In his Videos on Youtube he likes to wear trachten janker. He starts always with a “hi friends!” and then, in a conversational tone questions. So he wonders about why the Parliamentary Council 1948/49 met in the Villa Rothschild.

Condemned Holocaust deniers interviewed

That n. shares the sentiments of its supporters, is yet in doubt: He has in his Videos, Holocaust deniers interviewed and his viewers condemned asked to support these people. He has held demonstrations of signs and distributed leaflets with slogans such as “The history of the Holocaust is a story full of lies”, “The German Reich continues to exist” and “The basic law is not a Constitution.”

it Is not clear that someone can’t be a teacher? Not quite. Because workers teachers, such as N. it was subject to in contrast to officials of any private moderation commandment. In addition, there had been no complaints from parents, pupils or colleagues, such as N. s lawyer emphasized. Also, his client would not have talked in class about the topics of his video channel.