Facebook has shared user data with more than 150 companies, without the user knew or with the consent. This is the result of a Search of the New York Times, published by the American newspaper on Wednesday.

Facebook castle of 2010, contracts with the companies that gave this wide-ranging access to user data. All of these contracts were to 2017 valid to have some this year, even though Facebook had assured, this cooperation terminated, says the article.

users of the Bing search engine could, for example, almost all the friends of a Facebook user can view. Netflix and Spotify should have had access to the private messages of Facebook users. Amazon was able to access users ‘ name and contact details. Yahoo was able to see which Posts were shared friends of a user on Facebook.

Facebook defends itself

Facebook defended itself in a blog post against the allegations. The company obtains the consent of the user. In addition, it was users by the cooperation possible to reach Facebook from other devices and platforms, and to get recommendations from Facebook friends. The cooperation with the company had been known and many users have used the functions.

for Example, would be able to chat to Spotify users in the Spotify App with your Facebook-friends. For this, it was necessary to give Spotify access to your Facebook Chats. In addition, the majority of these collaborations were completed in 2014. Some would but. The company acknowledges that it intended to terminate the contracts faster.

Also, Netflix is responding to the reports.”Any time we accessed the private messages of people on Facebook, or to the opportunity to prayers,” – said in a Statement. This is where the company writes that it got installed in 2014, a feature with the user through the chat service, Facebook Messenger your Facebook-friends series and movies could recommend. Because the function was not popular, have you switched off you again in 2015.

conflict with authorities?

The case might also be of interest to American authorities. The competent Supervisory authority, the us trade Commission FTC, had signed in 2011 an agreement with Facebook, which required the company to protect the privacy of the users better and to inform you better about how it shares your data.