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The championship of Spain Optimist 2020 closes officially, the inscriptions with about 150 sailors, from 11 autonomous communities. The appointment, organized by the Association Nautico Sport Juan Montiel, will host this regatta is going to be something special and different in the days between 27 June and 2 August, which will also be in play for the national title for Teams of Autonomous regions.

An appointment that will take place under strict security measures. All sailors must sign the document to the Specific Rules of the Pandemic, in which they will be subjected daily to the control of body temperature at the entrance of the facility and on many occasions be required. The use of masks, as well as to respect the minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters, will be mandatory in all facilities and for all: sailors, coaches, parents, technical staff, etc ..

The access of varadero, bounded around its perimeter, can only be accessed and under a strict control and with a set schedule to those accredited by the organization. Each day, we will publish the opening hours for access to the boats.

We have established two exit ramps, one in the area of the area of the West and the other in the east. Each person must use the same by the which came to head to the race course. Also in hotel facilities there will be special measures shifts in order to keep the distance and avoid the crowds. Any sailor or staff supported you can share any material. Neither will be able to share drinks, food, etc

In the plane sports, the territorial Cataluña, Andalucía, Baleares, Canarias and Comunitat Valenciana are those that bring more sailors to the two appointments national, with 20 sailors in each one of them. Galicia, for its part, comes to the Eagles with 18 sailors, while the hostess: Murcia, is present with 13. The Basque federation will have 7 representatives, while the cantabrian what will you do with 6 and Navarra and Madrid and 3 respectively.