While inflation fell to 5.1% in May 2023 according to official figures from INSEE, food prices in supermarkets have finally stopped rising, to the delight of French consumers. . Certain drinks and certain foods have even seen their prices revised downwards. A news that greatly relieves the customer portfolio. In addition, other non-food products are also experiencing a sharp decline in their selling price. Sodas, butter, fuel… Find now in our slideshow, the complete list of products whose prices are falling at the moment.

This noticeable drop in prices only concerns certain commodities. However, this does not mean that the price of others continues to increase. Indeed, products that do not experience a price decline still experience price stagnation. “This is the case with ham, and more broadly with meats, natural yoghurts and milk”, explains our colleagues from Midi Libre.

The fall in inflation and the decline in the price of certain products warmed the hearts of consumers. However, even if the government tries to preserve the purchasing power of the French, as is the case with the extension of the inflation quarter or the call to reopen negotiations between distributors and suppliers, we are still far from the prices fixed before the Russian-Ukrainian war.

If the UFC-Que-Choisir thinks that a “calm may be coming for the summer, with a rise in prices in supermarkets which finally seems to be running out of steam”, it nevertheless expresses doubts. But for now, let’s look forward to some product drops, listed in our slideshow below.