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The internal schism in the Socialist Party with respect to the bulls has resulted in an alignment of part of the formation that directs the Portuguese Government with the options advocated both by the right as by the communists. The result is that the parliamentary initiative to try to put an end to in its entirety to the public funding (a large part are aid municipal) of the shows of bullfighting ended in a absolute failure thanks to the votes against both of the PS, the PCP and the bloc, conservative, integrated by the PSD, CDS and Chega (equivalent to Vox).

so that the controversial initiative presented by the Bloco de Esquerda, the Party Animal and the Green failed to convince the majority of mps, aware that the “touradas” (Portuguese word to express ‘runs’) are deeply rooted in the cultural tradition of the neighboring country and that represent a plus for tourism, which is reflected in these special nights at venues such as the Campo Pequeno.

they Were five bills in a row that have been voted on this Friday July 10 … and the five lounges, including responding to a proposal of tone popular, woven by a collective of citizens.

The biggest controversy occurred in the bosom of the socialists, who had the freedom of the vote and showed a division that reached moments of high tension in its ranks.

“A country with limited resources may not choose to fund spectacles whose alleged entertainment means the suffering of an animal, at the expense of investment in services that will result in better quality of life for the Portuguese population”, stated one of the spokespersons of the measure that has finally been left in the trunk of the memories parliamentarians.

therefore, the sector taurine and breathe easy in Portugal, which rather has to try to digest that the VAT has gone up from 6% to 23%. And all because the minister of Culture, the socialist Graça Fonseca, he didn’t even hear the Portuguese Association of Employers in the Bullfighting arena (APET) and the National Association of Bullfighters (ANT) when they lifted up their voice against such a rise of the rate.

Fonseca is a well-known militant antitaurina and it takes time to cooling relations with a sector that has suffered a series of setbacks continued in recent months, as the government’s decision to suppress the only television programme dedicated to provide the public broadcaster RTP .

Now the circumstances caused by the pandemic coronavirus have accelerated the search for solutions to try to rescue the world’s Portuguese bull of the collapse in which it is located, with particular concern among farmers.