now, He is receiving the AA Gent and the French Saint-Etienne in the Ghelamco Arena, which promises to be right a tough job to be in Buffalo. Elisha Owusu – world with the team of Jess Thorup – looking very forward to the confrontation with the fellow countrymen: “As a former player of Lyon, in a match against Saint-Etienne is always something special, because I fought with a lot of hot and spicy, the derby’s with them. But, ultimately, I see this match as for any other approach.” Coach Jess Thorup has at its disposal a fully healthy player base against the French.

Last year was Owusu is still out for Sochaux and he was playing in the French second division and he is completely aware of the qualities at Saint-Etienne, and dissects he’s like a professional analyst of the game group from the ‘Les Verts’: “st. stephen’s is a very, very strong team, but they also have a lot of guys who are very technically trained. They also have a lot of experience and are able to find a lot of great goals scored.”

Owusu, during the traditional press conference, bijgetreden by someone who clearly is under the impression that it came from the French collective, “I’ve never been afraid of. However, I do have a lot of respect for the opponent. I am not just an individual state, but they have a lot of quality and they also have a lot of experienced guys. It has been a very strong collective, and we should not just focus on one player.”

Everyone is fit, also, Kaminski,

Finally, it said Thorup also – be very careful – what his expectations are for that European business challenge: “Our ambitions do not stop at the group stage, and then the first groepsduel at least for the people – is enormously important,” but even so, the Danish coach is also a clear indication in the offer of the Gent voetbalfamilie: “ Please , the dream was still not in the Champions League! I have noticed that a lot of people are once again dreaming of a title, and a new adventure in the Champions League and have progressed and are looking forward to the confrontation with other European top clubs but it is still too early for that. We will have the match by match approach.”

the Wednesday morning signing of 24 players to participate in training with AA Gent. Jess Thorup can also count on a fully healthy player base. Thomas Kaminski was from the party after last Sunday’s injury last year after a heavy collision with the ploegmakker Igor Plastun. He is waiting for the first major European mission, when st. stephen’s comes to visit in the Ghelamco Arena.

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Ghislain Printant, the coach of Saint-Etienne in the French Ligue 1 is only the 15th state, in hopes that makes it clear to puntengewin.

“It is waiting for us tomorrow will be a tough opponent. Gent is a team that, especially in a home of their own, the opponent is very difficult due to high level of play and pressure. We need, therefore, for the whole race, stay focused and play with the supply to their attackers as best as possible, try to interrupt it.”

as of The final dress rehearsal for the match to extra time with the Gent, it was at Toulouse with a 2-2 in the on-site Geoffroy Guichardstadion. “I’m hoping that all of the players have fully recovered from that experience. With the staff, we made a detailed analysis and we would like to have a good performance. Saint-Etienne, which has a glorious past in European football. It’s supposed to be in this campaign with a good story to put down. We are very ambitious. In this match Gent is a very important and difficult. In fact, in this League, no easy game. We would like something to pick up in the city of Ghent. A good start would have been great”, he knew Ghislain Printant.

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the Captain Loïc Perrin is hoping Thursday night, with Saint-Etienne, which is definitely a good turn out in the Ghelamco Arena. His team is doing well, it doesn’t have to be so beautiful in the French Ligue 1. The 34-year-old defender looked to already be optimistic moving forward to meet tomorrow’s/Thursday’s, with AA Gent.

“Starting tomorrow, we cut to the group stage of the Europa League, with a new chapter to it. I can’t deny the fact that we are in their own league, don’t do so well. In the last two matches were never really very good results. Small mistakes that were therein, to the peak, but from the mistakes, and you have to learn”, according to captain Loïc Perrin. “The Gent that plays in a strong league. The team has a lot of players with experience, and you can also take advantage of some of the international companies. What we are concerned about the atmosphere to be very good, in spite of the good start. It also has a lot to do with the fact that the preparation is really quite short, and even some of the players in the team of late started”.

as Saint-Etienne in the Europa League is a bit of a skewed situation straighten out by a good result in Ghent, belgium. “The first match is always important, but they aren’t all in a competition format, in which only a handful of teams be part of it? You can get the Europa League does not compare to the Champions League final. Also, there are some nice races. European football has always been something very special for you. The night before the match to train in a stadium, you don’t have a clue of the game on the go, always up against a team who are almost totally strange. Our team is now in the build-up. Little by little we are making progress.”

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