In Mexico, they celebrated on november 1 and 2, ‘Dias de los Muertos ” or “Day of the Dead”. During this colourful national holiday to commemorate them, such as all saints ‘day and all souls’ day, all the dead people. But they are a little bit different. To this day, painting their faces, in the heart of the skeletons and grave stones are frequently covered with flowers, and candles.

Dias de los Muertos is a centuries-old tradition that is still continued in Mexico, Latin America, and the Philippines. They believe that the souls of the children who died on the 1st of november to return to the earth as adults to do this on the 2nd of november. The party is completely in the theme of being “born again”. In order for the deceased to welcome them and celebrate they will, therefore, elaborate celebration, there will be a festive cooking and will be throughout the year, offerings are collected they can be given to the returning families.

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