Justice in Israel – A victory for Benjamin Netanyahu when the Israeli Prime Minister is accused, he is allowed to form a new government. If ever a judgment against him will be like is questionable. Opinion of Alexandra Föderl-Schmid1 Kommentar1Er will not rest until he has secured immunity from prosecution: Benjamin Netanyahu.Photo: Keystone

Benjamin Netanyahu has made it: The Supreme court would have given him the mandate to form a government according to his indictments for bribery, fraud and breach of trust to deny. The judges see legal problems, but you have obviously no hand to deny him the continuation of his 14-year tenure. It may be morally a disgrace that a corruption accused politician can again form a government. But in a state of law, the law applies. Of all things, of him with invective coated Institution had to issue the free ticket for another Rule.

For Netanyahu, it is a Triumph. Of encouraged, he will pursue his goal further: impunity. If the postponed process is actually on the 24. May begins, is open. If ever a judgment is made, the first right.

Netanyahu has lured his rival Benny Gantz in a government. There are legitimate doubts as to whether he admits the Premier chair 2021 for Gantz. Netanyahu will not rest until he has secured immunity. For this he is ready to do everything, to promise everything and break everything. Neither political competition nor the Supreme court could stop him so far. Netanyahu has more stamina and chutzpah.

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