Meetings in Switzerland, police Directors recommend the prohibition of demonstrations of national interest rallies should not be allowed if the public interest in the topic is large. The conference of the justice and police Directors calls.oli/will not be redSoll tolerated by the will of the police Directors: Several hundred people at an Anti-racism demonstration on Monday in Zurich. (1. June 2020)photo: Dominique Meienberg

The conference of Cantonal justice and police Directors (cantonal justice and police Directors) recommends the cantons to authorise demonstrations, if the public interest in the topic is large. Only in this way, the restriction to 300 part might be adhered to the participants.

According to the Decided by the Federal Council may from 6. June again demonstrations will be allowed. Not approved rallies are likely to be, however, in which public to the spontaneous participation is going to be called or “on the basis of a foreseeable dynamic development” to be assumed that the number of 300 Participants will be exceeded. Already several times there were unauthorized rallies, which have not been resolved by the police, such as in the train of the unrest in the United States on Monday in Zurich or Lockdown opponents in the beginning of may in Bern.

participants could be divided, and in the contagion case, to be informed of where the Person concerned has stopped.

The probability of a dynamic development, but it is impossible to estimate at the time of the granting of a permit extremely difficult, wrote to the cantonal justice and police Directors on Friday to the cantons. Therefore, it recommends that the authorities do not grant rallies, if not plausible is that the restriction to 300 part might be adhered to the participants.

it was in the case of public Call is given or when, due to the wide interest to be assumed that this number could be exceeded. Even in the national rallies had to be assumed that the participants could not limit the number to 300.

in Addition, the applicant must present a protection concept. In it had to be shown how the risk of Transmission is to be minimized. For example, if the distance rules are not complied with, could be, would have to demonstrate to the organizer Alternatives – such as the provision of disinfectants and hygiene masks.

Because of the presence of lists, in accordance with the explanations of the Federal Council were not allowed, could be divided between the participants on spatial sectors. So you could be in the contagion case, the public are informed, where the Person concerned had stopped.