Here it all starts: are you unbeatable on the famous TF1 soap opera?


It is the daily meeting place for cooking and fiction fans. Since November 2020, the Here it all begins series has attracted more than 3 million loyal viewers on TF1. A colorful program that makes fans of the soap opera salivate for its intrigues and adventures within the Auguste Armand Institute.

A popular series with the French, Here it all begins is a continuation of the soap opera Tomorrow belongs to us, in which several actors have gained popularity on screen. Like Clément Rémiens, Vanessa Demouy and Frédéric Dieffenthal. If these actors have joined the flagship culinary fiction of TF1, other actors have become key characters in the series, like Aurélie Pons, Agustín Galiana or Catherine Maréchal.

Two years after its creation, Here it all begins has not yet revealed all its secrets. This Saturday, January 7, the new documentary of the series was broadcast on TF1. The opportunity for the cast of the series and the production to open the doors of the Château de Calvières where the episodes of the cult series are filmed.

As gourmet, spicy as it is comforting, TF1’s culinary fiction brings together new fans in front of their screens every day. Yet, how well do you really know the gastronomic world in the Here It All Begins series? Planet offers you to test your knowledge through a quiz. From easy to difficult, there is something for everyone.

If you have 1 to 2 correct answers: you will have to revise your lessons before the next episode. From 3 to 4 correct answers, you know the basics of the TF1 series. So if you get the perfect score 5, it’s up to you to win and the unbeatable Miss (or Mister) France scarf!