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A Team may maintain an action manager, Dave Brailsford battle with cancer: I had to learn to accept it

finally, Dave Brailsford, and the he signed up as a Team INEOS (formerly of Team Sky, has prostate cancer. That is, he reveals in a recent interview with The Times. The 55-year-old Brailsford was operated on soon, he knows whether the operation was successful.

In July, the 55-year-old, Dave Brailsford diagnosed with cancer, and that is what he told himself at Times. Last month, he was operated on on Saturday, he knows whether the operation was successful.

“of Course, there is a fear, fear of the unknown”, says frank. “I like to think I am quite resilient and tough, you are in the hospital, I was still overwhelmed by it, to be honest. It’s easy to think‘: Why is this happening to me? ” I’ve been working hard on my health and can make you bitter, angry, or frustrated outbursts. I had to learn to accept it. Talk it over with the team, it was a great help.”

“I’ve been working very, very hard; I am always working on it. Some people might say that I’m obsessive and am I in the perspective to lose, and am very much on the small things to focus on. Now, I would like to get more benefit from it.”

Egan Bernal won Brailsford for this summer’s Tour de France for the seventh time in the last eight years. As British Cycling performance director, he led Great Britain to eight gold medals at the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and London four years later. After that, he took off in 2014, in order to concentrate on Team Sky, which arose in the team to maintain an action.

for More about the Team, maintain an action for Chris Froome once again to go under the knife after he… pees oversnijdt with a kitchen knife, “This is not the year COLUMN. In spite of the growth of Bernal-and Sivakov, it is the wealthy may maintain an action engaged in for a lean year of transition in the Giro-winner of the Carapaz sign up for three years with the Team may maintain an action Exasperated by Wout Poels: “in the Vuelta, please let me know where my future lies

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